Making Art


When it comes to painters, I’ve known several world-class artists. When it comes to artists, I’ve always wanted to be one but found Etch-a-Sketch too complicated to control and watercolors too unforgiving. In about 2007, I discovered how oil paints and acrylics covered, meaning I could add layers and finish with white (which is opposite what a watercolorist must do). I wondered why I hadn’t known that earlier.

Since, my self-taught hack approach has produced only delight (for me!) as I continue to learn to paint what I see. My technique and confidence are growing despite my paintings hanging only in my own home or next of kin. And I’ll be forever blessed by the knowledge of just how hard nature and man’s placement of buildings and other objects can be to capture in myriad splendid forms.

For a custom work, to acquire an original, or to purchase archive-quality prints (available for each piece below), contact me here.


Alice’s Cows (8×10, sold)