I Skied Yesterday


Done something really hard lately? Recently, I did.

Before 30, every “first” seemed challenging. College. Jobs. Marriage. First mortgage. Fatherhood. Bigger mortgages. 🙂

It isn’t hard to see how these were all great stretch opportunities, sweet enhancements to my life.

Only recently did I realize that the “firsts” since then have become much more private.

For instance, I started painting a few years ago (amazing, inexpensive therapy!). When my wife (a designer) willingly hung some of my self-taught hacks on the walls of our own home, my heart grew a few sizes.

And then came a gut check.

With encouragement, I was invited to hang my art at Riverside Country Club. Not just one piece, but 20-25.

I nervously counted 12 that I might let leave my house, and then closed the gap with several new pieces that pushed my style to new heights. And, after plenty of self-reflection and running into Spencer Taylor (on LInkedIn.com) singing at the SLC airport, I did the old “1-2-3 JUMP!” as I delivered 25 new pieces a week ago.

Here’s one example. View more at bcwalker.com or visit Riverside Country Club’s lower floor for the IRL version (thru May 31st).

My discovery? It still feels good to stretch! Try it.